One of the many benefits of having M4L is the ability to integrate custom hardware to Live.There are things that you could hardly do with MIDI. M4L gives access to Live’s API (Application Programming Interface). In other words you can access Live’s guts, get information about the state of an element (such as the state of a fader or a color of a clip) and modify them. This way you can build a device to let’s say, set the name of clips, trigger them or record onto them. Your hardware can communicate with Live over WIFI, Bluetooth, LAN, etc. For instance, it is possible to write an iPhone or Android app to fire clips, arm recording or use the accelerometer to change the cutoff and resonance of a synth’s filter. Or you can just add a bunch of pots and buttons to a box and control the hell out of Live! By the way, will try to upload some code soon!